Bar Back Patio

~ Better than Expected ~

Bar Back Patio

5216 West University Blvd
Odessa, TXS 79764
Phone: 432-385-0121 Fax: 432-381-4103

How our "Competition" compares with Bar Back Patio

Our Competition Offers:

  • Indoor Only
  • Exclusive Pay Bar
  • Charge per plate per attendee 
  • Small Stage and Dance Floor   
  • Security Services are usually extra
  • You are usually responsible for cleanup after event
  • Parking is a challenge and not well-lit

Bar Back Patio Offers:

  • Indoor and Outdoor accommodations (Partial Roof Patio) 
  • Wine-based 
  • Bring Your Own Food or Utilize any Catering Service of Your Choice
  • Large Stage and Dance Floor for varying types of Entertainment
  • Security Services (usually provided by local law enforcement individuals)  included
  • Cleanup services included
  • Ample parking and well lighted for safety
  • Several minutes away from Emergency Responders
  • Outdoor Cooling Fans (mobile industrial  strength and ceiling mount)
  • Food Warming Areas throughout Facility
  • Men's & Women's Changing Rooms
  • Handicap Accessible and ADA Compliant
  • Over 5 Years in Business Operation
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Respect
  • Capacity up to 2,000 people

Bar Back Patio Location Map Odessa, Texas

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